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Conversation Between animemaniac321 and Kaitou+

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  1. i'm not all that uptight man .__. you started it *poketh*
  2. No, you're uptight. You got to have fun in forums like this, chillax esse....
  3. alright. whatever dude. you're a little uptight man =w= you gotta have fun in forums like these.
  4. Lol, you got me? Fool..Stop lying to yourself.
  5. Pretty much.

    I did mean all the stuff I said though.
  6. meeeeh. i suppose that's true. i'm probably as bored as you are.
  7. Lol, okay bro, you're hopeless.

    You know I will keep replying as long as you keep replying to my messages, right? lol
  8. geez. you are one MEAN troller. get a life man.
  9. For god's sake, I'm trolling....geez, are you new to the Internet?
  10. pffttt. at least i'm not making this a big deal =A=
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