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Conversation Between kisses2 and Daken.

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  1. Hey, you posted on my profile awhile and seemed real eager to talk to me... However, it's been so long that i can't quite remember who you are ? I have decided to reside from AF... completely. If you wish for my e-mail or some other form of communication, message me on here and i will try to work something out.
  2. That's good!
    Where have you been ? lol, living life?
  3. Yes, indeed, it shall be kisses! lol And ive been great.
    How have you been women??
    Ive been good!
  5. Hey! It's been awhile since we talked! How have you been?
  6. Oh lol , Im hispanic but I know some german,
    and I can speak Spanish fluently.
    I always wanted to speak russian, but their languge looks weird. o.o;
  7. Not sure. But i can speak a little french lol.. I took it for a year but only a year so i'm not THAT great at it.
  8. Oh lmao,
    do you have anything in you?
    Like umm, italian, french? (:
  9. Well, i've never heard of it..
  10. Are you sure? Cuz' that's what people use here to get tan.
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