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Conversation Between SuXrys and Zainox

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  1. Nah, not really. I am busy playing roller coaster tycoon 3 on my spare time. xD Pretty much the only anime I follow right now is Naruto Shippuuden. Sometimes I watch an episode or two of some shows, but I havn't really "falled" for anyone particular. On the other hand I sometimes read manga. But that havn't been for a while not either when I think about it... I guess I currently are playing the campains in rct3 instead :P
  2. I wish your soul luck!

    Do you get time to watch anime any more? Your life seems pretty busy and quite a few people on this forum these days just seem to not have the time anymore.. D:

    I actually have to go back to IKEA soon for more bookcases, the ones I have are getting full.. =_=
  3. Sparkles? ....

    Well yeah.... but you know, "it has to be done" D:
    Both the test and the .... the ... the trap my soul thing O_o
  4. You do.. :<

    SPARKLES!!!!!!! *Q*

    Wow, that sounds like such an annoying hassle just to get a test done.. D:
    But I suppose, if it works. :P

    Oh god! I hate IKEA! For the main fact that when ever I go, the people I go with always want to stay 5 times longer than we intended. That place traps your SOUL!! O_O
  5. Then on friday my guy is coming up to that town because we are going to look at the room that he will be living in (he will move up there due to studies). He will share an apartment with another guy so we will look at the apartment and the room and then we will go to IKEA to buy some of the things that he needs. So I have been booking the hostel room but I tried to call them before because I have some questions for them but the line was busy so I have to try to call them again tomorrow. Other then that it isn't happening much. Are just sitting in my room right now, staring at the screen, scrolling threw 9gag and watching some Futurama.

    Besides, I just have to mention it, I got the last cheap room at the hostel. *does the Freddie Mercury pose*
  6. These days I really come and go in here, don't I? :P

    Anyway, tada!! *throws sparkles* Here I am! I have returned!

    You where thinking about me? ... Should I take that as a compliment or should I slowly back away?

    Yes I am fine. Have been booking a room in a hostel on thursday since I have a test on friday (as already mentioned) and there arn't any buses that would take me there on time. So I have to go up there on thursday, sleep there until friday and then take the test.
  7. You're Alive! *gasp!*
    I mean.. You're back!

    I was thinking about you the other day!... -sounds weird-
    I was thinking that it had been awhile since I saw you last post, what's up?

    I'm sure you will be fine! :3
    It's natural to be nervous for tests. I found I did better in tests more unprepared than over. (For some reason)
    I think this way I didn't over think things too much.
  8. I don't feel like such a genius right now anyway. Im having a test on friday and I don't feel prepared at all... screw everything.
  9. -whispers-
    ~ You... Are a genius ~~~ (~ ' ' . )~

    I DID join, but then my internet crapped itself, so I wasn't able to play... D:
  10. Well I AM a genius! ... You should tell me that more often, somehow I like it.

    Hohoho you will? Excellent~
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