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Conversation Between SuXrys and ╬Karami Mew~Meow

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  1. btw. have you get some used to your new place or are you still feeling bad about it?
  2. I know what you feel, atleast a little. My parents will sell my children home next year and I feel so bad about it even if it's month until then. But the idea that I will never be able to "come home" again it just... it makes me feel aweful! And it's not getting better that they will give away our cat when they move... so I will not be able to meet him again either. I don't like this growing up part at all! If I could turn back time and become a kid again I would do that on this very spot, right here and now! But I'll guess that is not going to happen, isn't it?
  3. hmm not really. Just moved cuz i miss my home and prefer it here to be honest =]
  4. Why did you move? Was it for school?
  5. ah she's still uber thin and barely eats, i think shes got worms, but she might be better naw, im not sure for i havent seen her cuz i moved.
  6. Is she feeling bad? How is the now?
  7. oh its a florida standardized test. and reading comprehension, some reason ive just never been great at it -__-

    and yep the kitties are safely in another home ^^ now just the momma to get better
  8. Aaah... ok. But my did so that she didn't just "gave away" the kittens. She talked with them first over the phone and looked them up - she only gave away the kittens to people that had cats from before and had a garden / lived outside the town. It would feel terrible to know that your kittens had been giving away to serve as snake food! I don't even want to imagine how that feels.... yuck! How you guys doesn't get a scenario like that, it would be aweful.

    2 in reading? Care to explain? To you get a grade in how good you are reading a book? That sounds strange to me. o_= What is "fcat"?
  9. ahh yeah but you see my aunt doesn't want the kittens going just to anyone, the person has to know people she know or something, because the kittens could be sold to a lab or feed it to snakes and stuff.
    ohhh lol that's good i suppose ^^ hmm sounds like something I wouldn't enjoy really xD I might just fall asleep... I kinda dont like readin .. at least not good at reading comprehension -___- cuz apparently I got a 2 in reading again >___> and thats failing and ill have to take reading FCAT again [out of 5] luckily, i am moving xD whew !

  10. Isn't it easier to post a note in the local newspaper about that she has kittens that is looking for a new home? We did that anyway when our cats got kittens. I am fine. Had a things down at the university before that took some hours to do, but now I am back home and are thinking about going to bed soon. The thing I had down at the university was a seminar, it's when we have been reading eachothers essays in advance and then we are going thew them and talking about them at the seminar. It's a couple of things I have to corrent on my essay tomorrow, so it doesn't feel so bad. It's just that I felt so bad about the girl whos work I had checked. It was alot of errors in that one and she looked so down and sad when I told her about them infront of the group. But.. not so much I can do about that. What needs to be done, needs to be done!
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