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Conversation Between SuXrys and LadySaphiraShijinuske

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  1. When you search are a job - do they look much after where you studied?
    Sorry if I ask you so many questions... @__@
  2. Those levels are levels of schools. We all have documents that record our progress in school called "transcripts" and those show which college you attended and if it was a community, state, or university.
  3. Does it say on your exam papers on which level you studied on?
  4. It really just depends. We've got three levels of schooling here. Community colleges usually cost around $400-$500 a semester, not including books which are like $120 each. The second level is called State Colleges, generally about $8000-$15,000 a semester. If you're out of state, though, it can be up to $20,000. And the third are Universities, which can easily be $30,000+. There are private colleges as well that fit in these categories, but those are even more money.
  5. What does it costs to study at a University where you live?
    Does different Universitys costs different, or are the costs quite similar?
  6. It could be. There's 4 year universities everywhere, so I could really go wherever I want as long as they accept me. Schooling is VERY expensive here though =( it's not really an issue of being accepted and having good grades, but really financially it's an issue.
  7. Is that new college far away from where you currently live?
  8. Well I'm almost done taking all the classes I need in order to move on to a higher college, but I've been working so much lately that it's taking a little longer now. I have a really good job, but I don't want to quit going to school either.
  9. I think I get it, atleast some parts of it. :P Are you trying to get into a new college?
  10. Yes, same here. The grades are what give you points here, and you need a certain amount to transfer to a better college or get a degree. But you need high grades too, because lots of points accumulated over poor grades doesn't look very good either.
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