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Conversation Between SuXrys and miniPhil

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  1. Oh ~ that sounds really bad. Have you been very ill?

    Always looking for tips about various series, so im looking for both anime and general tv suggestions.
    are those pictures in the link pictures of regular tv-shows?
  2. My weekend has been spent in bed recovering :P
    Are you looking are tv series or anime? If it's just general tv then I'll direct you to this.
    EDIT: The size seems to be a bit small but you should still be able to read it fine.
  3. Have any more series to tip me about? You seem to have really god taste so im sure you have something more lurking in your backpack! Done anything fun this weekend?
  4. mhmm.. alright thank you!
  5. It's from the second episode of Game of Thrones. And it is indeed awesome.
  6. Hi! I just felt a strong desire to ask you from where your signature is from? Is it from a movie? If so - which one? I don't know why, but that clip looked really interesting. Lol. ^.^
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