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Conversation Between SuXrys and miniPhil

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  1. aha ok. But you should watch hetalia when you do get time for that. America is quite famous in it... :3 What are you doing this weekend?
  2. That's an amv though. But no I've never seen that show. I'm trying to make my way through School Rumble atm but it's a bit of chore.
  3. Futurama is great but I actually prefer anime when it comes to the other ones. I have actually never liked American Dad... or.. well.. to be honest I have never watched it so much either since it annoys me that his chin is so large! xD Maybe I am to sensetive when it comes to these kind of things. ^^ But talking about America... alright alright you have said that you don't like anime so very much but I do love America in the Hetalia anime - have you atleast watched that one?

  4. Dunno bout humour. Early Simpsons, South Park, Futurama, American Dad, King of the Hill, Ugly Americans, The Boondocks, Robot Chicken and The Venture Bros.
    But I do like the art style.
  5. No you are just making my cry. Naruto is one of my favorite animes and you are talking about it like it's only full of... something nasty. and yeah... maybe you are right about the Eris part.. lol x) I love anime and cartoons in general but I think that animes usually have more humor in them then regular cartoon, and I like the "look" on anime much better then most cartoons aswell. I like the style many of the characters are drawn.
  6. There are quite a few people on the forum that don't like anime actually :P I'm pretty sure Eris never like anime.
    As for why this guy puts it better than I ever could. Language warning!

    But basically what he said. You may need to watch the other two videos he made. Anime it's is just slow. It works great for stuff that has slow pace such as 5cm Per Sec or light comedy like Azumanga Daioh but action like Naruto just sucks. Too many filler episodes. Too many fights that take 20 episodes to get through.
  7. So you don't like anime anymore? *gasp for air* I have never heard anything like this on the forum before! o_O Is it even possible to not like anime, how can you just stop like it? Are you a freak of nature, or what? What "flaws" are you talking about? I have never heard such audacity before in my entire life!
  8. I used to really like anime in 2006(which is five years ago ;_; ). Mostly stuff like Naruto or FMA. I really liked Azumanga Daioh and it still is one of my favorites(the only anime I have actually paid for). I do like slice of life stuff like it, stuff like Minami-ke. But I think anime still has far too many flaws.
    The only anime that I consider on par with live action tend to be the films. Movies like 5cm Per Second and Grave of the Fireflies are awesome. As are most films by Studio Ghibli.
  9. but what kind of anime do you like? You must like some animes or else you shouldn't be here I guess? o_O
  10. Yeah, not feeling well ( ..)
    They're all based on tv. I'd recommend anime but I'm sure you'd find far more knowledgeable people on this site.
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