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Conversation Between SuXrys and LittleMomo

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  1. -performs a hidden post attack- It's Super Effective!!!
  2. Is that how you spell it? Merry? Marry?

    pffss >__>
  3. Why? You want to merry me and carry my children?
  4. I iz so bad XD!!! -wishes he spends more time in AF-
  5. pffss

  6. 3: I has so many excuses ;P
  7. Im not hosting the next wolf game, thinking about it I am not even sure who that person is... O__o

    And phef, excuses.~ You can still play wolf.
  8. If you are hosting it, I don't mind. Though I have college life lol! I can only drop by so much ;P
  9. Are you going to join in the next wolf game? Pretty please? Pretty please with a mouse on top that have eated a lot of cheese pretty please?
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