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Conversation Between SuXrys and FluffyEmjay

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  1. The wolfs know who all the other wolfs are (they usually get their own chatroom in which they can discuss their evil plans), but the townies and indies have no idea who everyone are. So the job is, if you are a town, to try to "lurk out" who the wolfs are and try to get them voted off the game and if you are a wolf trying to make everyone belive that you are a townie/indie (like a wolf in sheep-clothes, or something like that)) and try to get the real townies to look like wolfs, so the other players will vote on them instead of you (how evil~). It can be a little tricky, but you will get the hang of it.

    Here is the last game thread if you want to take a look: (rules in the opening (first) post):
  2. You write in it and say "I join!" Because you want to, don't you? Yes yes yes?

    It's a wolf game.! *howls to the moon* All players will be divided into different groups; wolfs, town or indiependent.
    Each fraction has different winning condition: the wolfs win when all townies are voted off, the townies win when all the wolfs are voted off and the indepedent ones win by just survining until the end of the game.
    Every phase is usally 24 hours and they swtiches between day phases and night phases (every 2nd one, day night day night day night). On the dayphase you can vote on one player and at the end of the dayphase the person with the most votes on himself will be voted off. On the night phase you can send in actions (if you will get a character that has any) to the host - in a private message so no one else will see.
  3. But I feel stupid... I don't get the mechanics or what I'm supposed to do. *cries*
  4. Bipolar Granny! *huggus*
  5. You in here:

    Now, or else~~ *holds whip*
  6. Because I'm evil.
  7. But why!! (((((

  8. ...


  9. No way I could do that to you. *hugges or hump*
  10. Well, go on then! GRANNY ISN'T SCARED!!

    COME ON!

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