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Conversation Between SuXrys and Darksocks

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  1. Blasphemy!
  2. Saw this and thought of you (^_~)
  3. No, im good right now, thank you. ^^

  4. Need anymore goat related info?
  5. Well tbh honest many goat herders have been convicted of Goat Tampering. This involves grabbing goats and attaching them to objects such as lamps or iphones. People from my country find goats so adorable that they think anything can be improved by adding one. But I find this cruel. Goats were meant to live free and stand while looking in indiscriminate directions. (Don't ask me how they do it. Goats can see beyond the human spectrum)
  6. Sheep-tastic.

    ... xD

    Also, why do you always point out the "not in that way"-way? щ(゚Д゚щ)
    What are you hiding... what are you secrets... *stares at you suspiciously (and full of spelling misstakes)*
  7. *Looks at goats. Turns dramatically to sheep. Embraces sheep with wild abandon* (but not in THAT way)

  8. As a token of graditute (do you spell it like that? I wanted to sound formal but I guess I kind of failed xD ) I wanted to give you a gift. But they didn't had any goats, or hamsters, so you will have to do with a sheep instead. *rolls away*
  9. Oh well but hamsters > goats so I still win, Ha! See, I have even changed my avatar so everytime you will look at it you shall remember this devestated defeat! How does that feel? Does it feel painful? Does it feel sad? Does it hurt? Hm? Does it? Well, does it?? *have a hard time admitting my own defeat*

    You will? Oh goodie! We need more people in there.

    I shall join immediately! Even if there isn't as much crappy writing as there was in the television series. XD
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