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Conversation Between SuXrys and Cherry Boom

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  1. What's so funny? I'm sirius.

  2. XD lool
  3. Hahaha, well you should tell your teachers that you can't study too much because you're in

  4. School
  5. With what?
  6. ah i see. No i haven't uploaded any of my pictures XD I've been so busy
  7. I havn't drawn for years. I did it at times back when I went to High School, sometimes I sat in the art classroom during the long breaks and drawed pictures. But then that was again some years ago now. I wasn't that good back then, but now I must be terrific terrible, lol. Do you draw often? Have you uploaded some pictures in here that I could see?
  8. Do you draw? i draw too
  9. *dries up from all the tears that I have cried after having to wait for so long*

    Now I shall watch some Draw Together and feel sorry for myself. :-(
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