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Conversation Between SuXrys and Jozette

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  1. Haha yeah amon blushing would have been creepy.
  2. Oh geeeeeh... *blushes*

    Hahaha, thank you for the valentine! ^___^ As a fellow avatar-fan I first thought of posting a picture of a blushing Amon instead but then figured that it would probably be little to scary if I did. ;-)

    Happy Valentines!
  3. heh. It was all over the forum in different threads but there was on thread "Who's more annoying xey or jozz" That happened for about 1-2 hours
  4. Oh, so it was in a thread? What was that thread about?
  5. Yes it ended with many wounds and Acer had to come in and close the thread and he changed the poll.
  6. Sounds serious. You didn't get any mortal wounds now did you?
  7. 2 mini wars you missed. 1. forum vs chat (This didn't last Also I do both.) 2. xey vs. me It was bloody.
  8. Anything new going on in here?
  9. Aw only 30? It's okay we still love you.
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