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Conversation Between SuXrys and Ravin

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  1. You can write pm:s to me if you feel like talking about it. But it's up to you, I know that sometimes you feel just worse if you think about it. So it's your call.

    Have you done anything special today? I had so much things planned but now I see that the time is already 2 in the afternoon, time just skips by. lol.
  2. because my depression is ruining my life
  3. Why do you say that?
  4. *hugs tightly* i've such a crappy life for a middle class american
  5. ....

    maybe :x
  6. not at all
    but you love me
  7. Are you trying to fish after compliments? o__O
    Such a sneak-attack ~
  8. *giggles* isn't my ava and siggy adorable?
  9. Ooouuhh stop it! You are making my bleed nosebleed x)))))
  10. yes dear?
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