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Conversation Between SuXrys and zozzy

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  1. HUMPFF!!! There is nothing wrong in asking people questions... *puts my hands over eachother and looks grumpy*

    How is life going: Slow... so incredible sloooow... >__> Have so much stuff that I need to do but nothing is happening.
    Do you like Sherlock Holmes: Indeed *smokes a pipe*, have seen both movies. I love the way he plans out the attacks before they happend.
  2. Oh, you ask a lot of questions!
    Now, it's my turn. How about your life? How is it going? Do you like Sherlock Holmes? :3 I think I fell in love with him coz he reminds me a lot of L *-*
  3. Are you... sure???
  4. Yep, it does! But you can't notice it!
  5. You Will never do?? Aww come ooon!! Reading things like that doesnt make me feel better! xD

    ... Or does it? O__o
  6. Oh, not bad at all. Thanks for asking
    Yeah, me too. But I know I'll never do.
  7. How did the exams go?
    Hweeh... I should care about school more then I atm do.... it's so bad really... >__>
  8. Hi!
    It's so rainy nowadays. Also, cold. And I'm dealing with my exams. Wish me luck ^^ How about you?
  9. Hello hi there! I saw that you had sent me a friend req. But my accident I deleted it... Q.Q oh well... Let's talk some more before worrying about that again! Hows Turkey?

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