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Conversation Between SuXrys and MeruTohzuki

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  1. MMmmmm bacon. <3

    Now Im hungry. o__o
  2. well everything is better with Bacon. ♥
  3. Lol, I thought you wrote "someone has to be the bacon for the anime lovers out there". hehe... bacon. x3
  4. Of course I'm going to continue to help my mother. Especially since it's summer. plus it's only a weekend thing so it's no big deal. someone has to be a beacon for the anime lovers out there
  5. hehe... rain mate. xD anyway.. hum.. *clears throat* That must be quite fun for you! I can imagine that it looks good on the paper to have that as an experience and also you must learn so much from it! Will you continue to help your mother now during the summer or will you take a "summer break"?
  6. basically different booths for each company. and yeah sidekick it is i guess. :P
  7. oh no we are only in charge of one thing. what we do is sign people up for a chance to win a $10,000 Home Depot or Lowes gift card. we do show one of the company's product called the "Rain Mate" as like a bonus or lure. (however my tail can lure people in too. beware the tail trolls) :P I'm basically there to help her stay awake on the ride to and from the shows. also i serve as company throughout the home show. Plus i get customer experience so that's something i can put on my resume
  8. So many things.. X__X No idea how your mother is able to keep track of them all, lol. But what are you helping her with? Are you that person that stands beside her and shows the item? Like a sidekick? :P
  9. Home security, Roofing and Tiles, Showers, Hot Tubs, Carpets, Air Conditioning Services, Fake Lawns, Gutter Cleaners, Pest Control, Plants (flowers, veggies, trees, grass), Paintings, Lawn equipment, Home Depot/Lowes Gift Cards, Beds, Workout Machines, Make-up Products, Water Purifiers, and more. so yeah anything that could help improve you and/or your home.
  10. Like alarms in case someone tries to break in?
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