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Conversation Between SuXrys and Hakoshi

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  1. Or maybe I was just hiding myself? =D Lol. Actually there where some times when I sat and looked in the thread and you guys where really frustrated over the fact that someone-was-lurking-in-the-thread-but-not-writing-anything. I just sat there and laughed, you guys seemed to be so frustrated over that. xD

    No worries! I did find my way there. But my new passport will be embarresssing. lol. :P
  2. ooh, I see was wondering where you went lol

    Nice o: never gotten baptized or anything.. orz
    hopefully you don't get lost, and end up having a cool time whever your family is planning on going xDD

    and.. hopefully your phone doesn't want to troll you lol
  3. Didn't had time for it. But I think I will join the next one instead!

    So what are you up to now? I am watching the baptism of our crown princess dauther (the next queen after our crown princess). Hahah, I feel like a old lady! xD After that I have to travel down to the city and try to find the police station. I need to renew my passport since our family is going on a vacaction this summer. I have to follow a map in the cellphone and hopefully I won't get lost, that would just be embarressing. ~
  4. no xDD
    not mad lol
    I see e3e
    I liked it that's why xDD
    mmm, you didn't play wolf this time, why's that? o:
  5. I have done that profile picture myself. ~ *like a sir and gentleman*

    So... you are mad at me? ... ;-; I AM TOO CUTE FOR THIS!! *throws myself on the bed and starts crying with my face pressed against the pillow*
  6. -stares at profile picture-

    anywho, she's from a new anime called
    Sankarea its a funny yet.. interesting, yet odd show.. xDD (only 5 episodes are out so far, soon 6 this friday lol..)

    tis be first time you ever speak to me on the profile thingies~ -brick'd so hard-
  7. The girl in your avatar/signature, where is she from? :o I have been curious about that for a while now, lol. :P
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