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Conversation Between SuXrys and Hakoshi

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  1. I was.. sorta awake when you said that actually.. sorta
    was at school -brick'd-

    I see, yay for long text I guess xDD
    good to know you were able to understand the odd explanation.. I'm very bad at explaining.. ;v;
    so I try not to explain.. and just show people what I mean.. xDD
  2. YOU go to bed! >:-D

    I think I understand the word now, but not completely but a little. lol. :P
    [Me gusta long text, so don't worry about it ~]
  3. Go to bed xDD
    (yeah, I know what you mean.. darn TV y u gotta be interesting!?!?!)

    -brick'd- is kinda like a weird term I use sometimes,
    you know when you say something stupid, yet serious in a way (sorta) that may sometimes cause someone around you to smack your arm or something as in a way to shush xD?
    that's kinda how I use it, after something that seems stupid, or such..

    can't show an example because its hard to make a funny yet understandable dialogue to put this thing in actual context.. content.. whatever word is there xDD

    just think of it like those odd scenes in an anime, where the joking troll=like male always says something unwanted/stupid and then someone has to hit him.. lol
    (only this case its getting a random brick thrown ,another way would be //shot or -slap'd- ...kinda same usage lol..)
    sorry for long wall of text.. orz
  4. And in easy english if possible. ~ ;-) It's in the middle of the night here... I really should go to bed... But new things starts on the television all the time. ;-;
  5. I don't get the "brick'd", please explain to this swede what you mean. ~
  6. yeah, I do..
    I can't dance to even entertain a dust bunny.. -brick'd-

    floor.. mine is hardwood, so its cold.. very cold during winter.. and semi-cold during summer..

    forever cold floor... -brick'd-
  7. Hmmm.... do I perhaps smell the smell of someone else who moves around like a refrigerator? ;p
    Same thing, only different types of floors. lol.
  8. yeah, since the headphones are connected to the PC from behind, and the cable that connects them to PC is.. long and sometimes unseen by me when I get up and move around,
    so sometimes when I do move, my foot tangles with the cable, and I notice its around my foot once I tugged and yanked the poor cable xD;;

    then one time I tried to "fix" them and broke the headpiece, well one side of it y taking it apart, to fix this cable that was ticking out.. -brick'd-
    so my dad fixed that part, but made them have no audio, then he -refixed them and now they work..
    in short, they fall so much, and get broken apart by me at times, that they suffer..

    oon a side note, watching some odd nature show about hamsters on TV ...3 days sleeping seems nice.. but hard... xDD
  9. Yeah well.... hm it's kind of a good description of someone who dances very stiff. :] Oh well oh well, everyone can't get pro dancers... or even be able to walk in high heels, lol. Female problems... ;-; About your headphone-issues I have to admit that I don't understand at all what you are talking about. It is at times like these that I wish my english was better then it currently is. >____< So you mean they use to fall from the desk? Or something like that? :3
  10. lol a refrigerator
    mmm, well they always get ruined from falling and such, since I tend to trip on the cable that connects to the headpiece.. or the one connected to the PC
    after a while from that it loosened cables.. down there, and my dad fixed it, and now its just one side part all.. loose, my dad tried to fix it at first, but made them lose all audio xDD
    second time, they worked fine.. lol
    poor headphones.. always falling and having accidents.. -snif-
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