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Conversation Between SuXrys and Hakoshi

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  1. There, I saved you from that curiousness of yours.

    You owe me your life.
  2. Robinson Cruse? o:

    what's that ? I'm curious now xD
  3. Im fine, are watching Robinson Cruse on the television.
  4. I'm fine... lololol

    I lived by the epic heat ... yay xDD
    and how are you? xDD
  5. *Knocks on the tub and screams* HOW ARE YOU IN THERE????????????!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. aw, well atleast you get to look forward to something lol

    have a nice trip e3e~

    -in a tub with water and ice cubes with a cold glass of orange juice- ... xDDD
  7. Besides eating your avi... Well right now I am taking a break in cleaning my room. Are moving out so I need to clean it and fix alot of things today but it goes soooooooooooo slow... Haven't slept at all yet and it's morning already... and my room looks even messier then when I started.. -sigh- No fair.

    The only good thing is that I am going to Crete tomorrow. ^______________^
  8. yes, yes you have... -snif-
    my food.. y u eat my food!?!? -brick'd-

    so how've you been, besides eating my avi, xDD
  9. Havn't I already eat your new avi aswell?
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