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Conversation Between SuXrys and Kamaiki

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  1. Is this the thank I get from making yout out of wood? ...
    ungrateful bastard... the youth of today... pffssss!!

    Hmmmhmmmhmm.... When did you became a member in here?
  2. HELL NOO ME NOT PINOCCHIO -_- idk something about i can't create it because of the admin..or somthing idk its stupid
  3. And bh! You = Pinocchio. o____O
    End of story.
  4. What does it say?
  5. WTF!! am not pinocchio.. -_- and my new group i wanna create but i can't be some reason -_-... its pissing me off
  6. Your name is Pinocchio - you are my son.
    What group are you talking about? x__x
  7. son??? am a girl nothing...i can't create my group am so bad -_-
  8. Fine fine. Are traveling back to my other home tomorrow so I have to clean and fix my room tonight before going to bed. Are starting to feel a little stressed about that, since I have a lot to do but I don't have that much time to do it on. What about you son?
  9. whatever...subject are you today?
  10. You are making no sense!!
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