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Conversation Between SuXrys and Kamaiki

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  1. Did you found one you like?
  2. nothing much..its was kinda boreding went to found a prom dress
  3. What did you do this weekend?
  4. yes ik and i will never forget her never ever -hugs-
  5. I understand if it feels rough. ): Just try to think about that she loved you, and she will never be really gone as long as you remember her - then she will stay in your memories and in your heart.
  6. thx -hugs you- it did go well...though i did cry this morning but i think i can handle it now...she will be missed but life does go on...thankies again for being here for me and ik how you feel this is my three grandparent i have lost only have one left..i want to keep her here are long as god allows her here but i hope she is here for my graduation that would be the greatest day to see her that day at least
  7. I feel SO sorry for you! I can't even dare to imagine how you feel right now. I hate funerals, and I hate and despise when people that I hold dear dies and goes away from me. I lost my grandma and grandma (on my dads side) some years ago, so I know that you must have it rough right now. The only good thing when it comes to these things is that, how horrible it even may sound, that you won't think as much about this in the future. Just give it time. Cry your eyes out as much as you need right now, scream aswell if you feel like it, just let yourself be in sadness and pain for some time, and then it will go over and you will feel better again faster. (also don't be ashamed if someone sees you cry).

    Hope that it will go well at the funeral today.
  8. I guess but I will try it again soon, but as of today I can crying all morning my eyes are so red cuz my granny funeral is today and she was kinda you can say my best friend ans the person I looked up too but she has lived her life and now it's time for me to live mines...she was almost 100 years old I will see you tomorrow k Thx for the help :'D
  9. A month? hm... Then it COULD be because you are quite new in here. You see in the beginning new members use to have their posts/threads/groups exc approved by a moderator first before becoming visible for everyone else, but after a while that condition disappears. Can you create threads without any problems?
  10. like almost a month ago and am a girl u dumby!!!!!!!!!
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