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Conversation Between SuXrys and Derrick

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  1. You are making me laugh, that's all xD
  2. Haha, why? xD
  3. Huh, I didn't knew that... And here I was this huge fangirl back in highschool... lol. Im embarresed for not knowing it.
    Hey, I like the posts you have made in the "say unexpected things"-thread!! xD
  4. Yes, Obi loves to play goalie.
  5. How come Jedi admires it so much? Jedi plays it himself?
  6. Hockey is a wonderful sport! Even Jedi admire it.
  7. I could never imagine that jedis liked hockey? O___o *takes notes because I have a feeling that this is important*
  8. Well, 19 year old boy that lives at college that loves gaming and hockey?
  9. *forces myself not to write "anything bad" back in reply* xD

    Hey, let's change subject. Tell me about yourself!!
  10. >.> like a smack
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