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Conversation Between SuXrys and SakuraKiss13

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  1. 5 years.. 5 years of math. XD
  2. Huh. O___O Then it's no surprise that I felt so surprised before, lol. How many years are you going to read?
  3. Well. it's different from here. classes start at june and ends at march. yeah, I'm packing a lot of clothes and things. XD
  4. That the passport didn't looked well? Huff huff...
    (No I understood what you meant~) ;-)

    Have you started to plan for the packing yet? Why are you going to move there already, doesn't the new semester start in the fall?
  5. Wow. Good for you~!
  6. Well GOOD NEWS I didn't get lost! =D However... my new passport will look beyond terrible... huff uff. >___>
  7. Well.. I'm gradually packing my things because 1 week from now I'll be starting my college life.
    I'm getting sad but thrilled for a new life. Hope I don't fail classes.
    and I wish you good luck too ^_^
  8. The best thing with the whole intro! Hahah! I guess we are quite easily sold to different shows. x)

    So, what are you up to now? I have just watched the baptism of our crown princess dauther (the next queen after our crown princess), it was on the television, and now I'm going to go downtown to try to find the police station. I have to renew my passport since my family is going abroad this summer, but the thing is that I have NO IDEA where the station is! Hahah! I have never been there in this town so I will have to follow a map on my cellphone, looking down at it for every step that I'll go and pray to higher powers that I won't get lost. Become lost would be quite embarressing, hehe. ~ So wish me luck! ;D
  9. Me too. I love that part ^_^
  10. I love how the song starts when she moves her hands in the beginning. ^^
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