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Conversation Between SuXrys and SakuraKiss13

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  1. Im actually having a test now on friday. There are no buses (?) that I can take to make it there in time so yesterday I booked a room in a hostel so I will travel up on thursday and sleep there until friday when I will take the test. Then I will help my boyfriend who are going to move up there for studies this fall. We will check out his room (he will share a apartment will another guy) to see how it looks like and then we will go to IKEA to buy some of the things that he needs. Not sure how the hostel things work thought, havn't been staying in places like that so many times before. Can you check out directly in the morning or do you have to "wait" for a certain time? I tried to call them before but no one answered.
  2. Yeah. That college really knows the statement "No Mercy".
  3. Is having that many tests at the same time even allowed?
  4. Actually this week's gonna be a killer.
    I got a chem exam tomorrow. The next day I'll have an exam on my programming subject. On the same day, I have a test on History. Then Saturday will be my Midterms for my History subject. Sunday - There will be a diagnostic exam for Calculus which covers my previous math courses (Analytic Geometry, Algebra, Solid Mensuration and Trigonometry)

    .. I hope I can get through this week with flying colors
  5. Not too much. This weekend I have been at my guys and played age of empires 2. (I am into that game right now, but have to play on easy, or else I get killed.... -sigh-) Besides from that I havn't done so much. Have been sitting some in the sun, taking it easy, been out walking with his dogs, made some pancaces with bacon, watched little of the Eurovision show (but since he wasn't so interested of watching it I will watch some of the songs later on youtube or something like that, havn't heard all of the songs that competed yet) aaaaaaand that's about it. Have you had a more active weekend or have you too just been a lazy bastard? :P
  6. Hahaha. Okay Okay. )

    Anyway, What have you been up to recently?
  7. Not as much as Kristin Bell! xD

    Aaah come on :3 *puppy eyes*
  8. But.. I'm not really that good of a roleplayer..

    And oh.. You must really love sloths XD
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