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Conversation Between SuXrys and Emerald14

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  1. Oh no... X___X After I read your text saying "and one does not simply" I can't get those Boromir meme-pictures out of my head. Hahaha! Oh no what have you done?? xD
  2. true, true. i have little money in my bank account +_+. and one does not simply earn money over the summer without earning a paycheck. and before you ask, yes, yes it is (None Piece quote),
  3. I won't work this summer. >__> Thank godness I have some money saved in my bank account, lol. If I hadn't then I wouldn't be sure on how to survive this summer... hahahah! xD
  4. NAh, i'll have to work in the summer too x_X but yah, i worked with my uncle doing private contracting stuff like lawnwork, trees, moving, etc. It's am awesome workout, and i'll take $10/hour anyday.
  5. What do you work with?

    Sleep, studying, sleep, working, sleep... I guess you can't wait for the summer, eh? ;D
  6. dude, i freaking slept in nearly all day. starting on saturday, all the way till tuesday. then i got stuff done yesterday for college, and today i had freaking work which was rough as hell...X_X
  7. And Im sure you will become a excellent jedi one day ^^

    So, what did you do this weekend? I am staring at snow right now, I thought that the spring had come - but it just started to snow like crazy outside. o__o
  8. Eh, I only moved a few towns over haha. It's only a closer to the big city than the true suburbs where my old house was. But not that big of a change. Don't cry, Master, I shall return to your training to become Master Jedi
  9. Yeah indeed! When you say from London to Japan I understand exactly what you mean! Hahah!
    Why did you move? Where do you live now? More details I want, young padawan.

    Well I sobbed a little before, but it's better now.
  10. I've been around the world, from London to Japan (lol, reference much?) but seriously, i moved to a new house and i have a crazy routine errday, so i've barely had enough time to come on here. but now, i'm back. so don't cry too hard, okay man?
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