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Conversation Between SuXrys and aerophobia

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  1. That's true... Honestly speaking I havn't really been watching so much anime lately, mostly because I havn't got the time for it and because I really can't find any anime that I have been wanting to follow. Most animes I have just watched 1-2 episodes or so and then I found them "mweh....", and stopped watching them. So yeah.. not much anime-watching going on over here... However I am following (or "following" and "following"... it's just a couple of episodes so far since it barely just started aired) Magi since I am following the manga. Can't wait until some characters are going to be introduced in the anime, good manga is good. :3
  2. hahaha, yes i was very shocked indeed! I think ive been falling behind on a couple series ive been watching for a long while now too, What a sad day it is in the world when we can't fit in all of our anime needs!
  3. I havn't been so active here lately either. :/ Feels like I have so many other things to do. Barely even have the time to actually watch anime these days... [SCARY BACKGROUND SOUND (!!!) since you just got very shocked over these horrible news!]let me tell you; it's not easy.
  4. Still just as popular as ever i see.. :P
    Hi, how are you doing? I'm just popping in to check stuff. I haven't been on in a loooong while :/
  5. Feeling like joining the new wolf game?
  6. Im not ill anymore, so thank you for the medicine! I guessed it worked, lol :P
  7. *slaps suxrys hand instead of kissing it* ewwww.. i dont want your germs.. who do you think i am, i gotta stay healthy! :P
    *throws medicine at suxrys and runs away*
  8. Im sick and ill >__> *lets you kiss my hand that's full of germs*
  9. OH HAI THERE. *bows towards SuXrys in admiration and thanks* How are you today?
  10. *scrathes your nose*
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