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Conversation Between SuXrys and RohanDarkling

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  1. Evert visit to a tavern is a win-win situation in itself xD
  2. BY ODEN'S BEARD! WE MUST CRUSH CATHOLICISM! Or just find a tavern and drink mead and regale with great tales of battles past! Either way I still think a victory has been achieved...
  3. When cats claw or bite you it isn't that bad anyway, you just get them in a mighty arm hold and they can't do anything. Ahhh, submission hold cuddles...(This is starting to sound like Dai Mahou Touge)
  4. Cats need love, even the ones that are crazy and tries to kill you *eye twitch* o_O
  5. Dethklok's island for wayward kitties! I'd go there and I would just hug every cat. Cats need hugs yo!
  6. Lol, this is metalocalypse all over it xD

  7. Then we have a wager! Release the beavers!
  8. Bbhhyyyuuuuuh..takes such a long time for that! Sound so much easier just to hire a army of beavers, order them to travel to the north pole, cut out some icerocks for me, and then coming back. More easier, less energy wasted. *thumbs up*
  9. You may refrigerate your glass of tepid water until it has reached the temperature of cold, but any more coolness past that level will cause the universe to collapse in on itself and everything in existence will be crushed into a singularity. You have been warned!
  10. Im more into cold water... :s

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