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Conversation Between SuXrys and ZombieWolf2508

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  1. I looked up two of their songs on youtube real quick but I didn't recoqniced them. Sorry.
  2. I used to know their drummer, and from what I can remember they were really big in Sweden a few years back. I haven't heard about them in ages though, so I was just curious ^^
  3. Don't think so (but I am not good when it comes to remembering the names on artists/bands/songs). Why?
  4. Quick question, have you ever heard of a rock band called "Pure Inc.?"
  5. No one is perfect
  6. I invited you the day I made the sign-up thread xD
  7. Damn... I wanted that cake ...

  8. You're a bit late, that was the game before last xP
  9. I just signed up in the new wolf thread.

    Now give me the pie!
  10. Got some Vanilla flavored wolf over in the Misc Forum if you want a piece.
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