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Conversation Between SuXrys and Will Phuah

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  1. Haha... I've never heard of it... O.o Though I love mythology stories like that... XD
    Well, I'm currently watching Higurashi When They Cry, so it creeps it out alot... XD The Last Airbender is fun and funny ! XD I'm gonna try out Gintama next time !
  2. Yes I am certain I will! We will visit the palace of knossos [you know the myth about the minotour in the labyrinth?] so I AM really looking forward going to Crete. I love visiting places like that, old houses, structrues and such... It's so interesting! :-D *fangirling like a true nerd*

    Every of your days are boring??? OH NO we can't have it like that! Here are your medicin for instant laughter: Watch the animes Gintama and Avatar the last airbender if you havn't. Yupp, this is a animesite, I have to be a true member and write things like that. ;-))
  3. Haha~ I'm sure you are ! XD Well, it's great that you have summer holidays, cuz' I'm just about to finish my holidays now... T^T Enjoy your trip and your holidays ! ^^
    Well, nothing particular... Being a part-time otaku, part-time only... Haiz... Every day is boring, but it's definitely better than going back to school... XD It's sickening, going back to school... :/
  4. Hi! Yes it has been a while. ~ But even so I am still good... I think.. o___O Mheeeh. I am going back to my "student flat" today for a couple of days to finish some things before the summer and then I have HOLIDAY! Are going to Crete in 2 weeks from now and we are going to be there for 1 week, are going with the family. How are you doing and what have you been up to?
  5. Hi ! How are you ? It's been a while since I chatted with you... XD
  6. Actually I really like the winter season, I just love snow! It's not so fun though when it is to cold, last winter it was darn cold!.. You could almost not even walk down to the store without loosing the feelings in your legs. xD Hopefully this winter will not be as bad... but according to scientists we are maybe going to have the coldest winter in 1000years soon so.... we have to wait and se. :S
  7. Wow... So, you better take care during winter ! Hey, that anime isn't that bad... I'll try it out then ! ^^ Thanks a lot !
  8. yeah well we are one of the biggest countries so... from the top of our country to the south is just like going from my home (lives in the middle) and all the way to Rome.
    We are indeed a country with length to it... xD So it's not strange that the weather is different in the south and in the north. One of the biggest country areas, one with the smallest amount of population. Where I live it's usally around 20+ in the summer and 20- during the winter.

    How about Axis Powers Hetalia? It's a really popular anime. Each episode is only around 5 minutes long, but it's still worth to watch. If you love country stereotypes - go for it! XD
  9. That's a big difference of the weather. :/ So how's it there now ? XD Hey... I'm really lack of anime to watch... I actually have a lot of anime to watch, but I'm kinda lazy... Can you recommend something that's out of the blue ?
  10. A cold place? Well I guess it depends on what country you are comparing it to. Do you guys use the celsius system?

    I found some info about the weather here
    Average temperatures


    Malmö: -0.2°C/31.6°F
    Stockholm: -2.8°C/27.0°F
    Kiruna: -16.0°C/3.2°F

    Malmö: +16.8°C/62.2°F
    Stockholm: +17.2°C/63.0°F
    Kiruna: +12.8°C/55.0°F

    Daylight hours


    Malmö: 7 hours
    Stockholm: 6 hours
    Kiruna: 0 hours

    Malmö: 17 hours
    Stockholm: 18 hours
    Kiruna: 24 hours
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