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Conversation Between SuXrys and Will Phuah

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  1. W.... wait a minute..... MY POPCORN!!! *jumps to their rescue but realize I was too late*

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! You, you popcorn-murderer. ;-;

    Is the mood any better?
  2. I really don't know where to start. XD Pick one randomly then. XD
    *takes your popcorn*

    Ah, that I really don't know. Anything damn thing can make me angry. Boy oh boyy.
  3. Don't know where to start? Too much you say....

    *Sits down with a bowl of popcorn*

    I am ready, I say. *is ready*

    Why are your mood going berserk?
    (and thank you~ have a good one aswell ^^ [without going hulk])
  4. I see. Welcome back once again. XD
    Story of my life? Too much, I don't know where to start.
    But currently, I'm really, really busy with school, sports, tuition and piano. And my temper has been getting really haywire recently.
    Anything can possibly set me off. .___.

    By the way, welcome. Hope you had a nice day.
  5. Aaaw and thank you ^^
  6. Well, I had a lot of things earlier last fall but I don't have as much to do at the moment, maybe that's why I'm currently back, who knows, hahah! Anyway, what are you upp to? Tell me the story of your life.
  7. Haha.. Glad you're back then. We're you busy with work or something?
    Anyway, Happy Birthday too
  8. Yo! Yeah I know, I havn't been in here for a while. Are sensing that my english has been paying a bit for that, lol.

  9. Yo SuXrys, how you doing ? Haven't talked to you in a while.
  10. Haha~ SPAM IS BAD, SUXRYS-SENSEI ! XDD Nah, I don't really mind, I haven't been playing spam with my friends on Facebook a long time already. :/ Yeah, I mean I had been looking forward to Hotel Transylvania for long time. And the one thing than stood between when I was JUST about to watch it... EXAMS... == Teacher ? Wow, what are you teaching ? I envy the students to have such a fun teach like you... T^T

    Nope, it's okay, by the way, your profile pic is really awesome... XDD
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