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Conversation Between SuXrys and Will Phuah

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  1. Admit it, you lose your books all the time.

    What is a reference book @[email protected] and you can buy notes?

    ... growl.
  2. Part 2? O.o
    We actually only borrow our textbooks from the government. So, it's free. But if you lose it, you have to buy a new one to replace it. There are textbooks around for sale but almost no one buys it, cuz reference books are better and the notes are better too. Don't worry, I understand perfectly well. XD
  3. part 2.
    So, something funnier, what are you up to this weekend? I am at my fiancées parents/also his place and are going to spend the weekend here. Have escaped to the computer because he has to clean his room now that the lady is in the house (haha!) and I don't want to clean his room, no sir iiiiiii. Also, the weather is kind of nuts over here now, now in the middle of winter and spring, in the morning it's insanly cold (this morning it was -17 degrees when I waited for the bus), and now I think it around 0. So, you are freezing in the morning even if you wear a winter jacket and during lunch it's sunny and you have to drag down the jacket zipper because it's kind of warm if you don't (because of the jacket). Ppffss.
  4. Oh snap! I have never had a test like that! I am not the typical religious type but Thank you Jesus... *thanks higher powers*

    So because you guys have a test like that, are you saving your old testbooks or are you given new ones that are just given as preperations for the test? Not sure if you understand what I am asking after, but my knowledge in english just have to do for now... (too lazy to use google translate - shame on me~).
  5. Well, I have no choice. Because the exam covers topics that I've studied since Form 1 (13 years old) to Form 3 (15 years old). I don't really know much about the American syllabus but ours is quite a lot. It's a pain in the butt studying it over and over again, but it still can't get into your mind. == Besides, Geography and History is really annoying. So, preparing is the good choice.
    You only have one chance to have the exam. But if you fail, well, nothing really happens. XDD Just that you'll get into a bad class, I guess.
  6. But if you have the exam in october, why are you studying already now? I know that it's a good thing to be prepered, but I don't think I have never even been near as prepared as you seem to be. Thought it is a good thing, since I am always too late with things, lol. :D Also, what happens if you'll fail at the exam? Can you re-take it later or do you only have one chance to do it?
  7. Around October. But it feels so near. I regretted not studying last December during the hols.
  8. So, when is this big exam of yours? :)
  9. Hm, not only that but doing other workbooks that other people have prepared as well. Those are just sample questions that might come out in the exam.
  10. So you mean like studying earlier tests that have been in that course earlier years to prepare for the test?
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