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Conversation Between SuXrys and crazyanimefreak

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  1. Thank you, happy valentines back at you! ✿ܓ\(^__^)
  2. and happy valentine's day
  3. Hahaha. Don't be. So, how's your week going so far. (p.s. sorry i didnt answer earlier)
  4. I feel for you ;-; *pats you on the shoulder*
  5. Well the teacher said that we might either have a test this week but if not, then next week. And i have physical exams in p.e and in other classes. ㅠㅁㅠ
  6. "More then likely"? You're not sure?
  7. Hahahaha well sort of. Yesterday i had my birthday party but today im just going to study because more than likely i will be having some tests during the week.
  8. *Does a victory sign over the fact that the batting with the eyelashes worked*

    Well I am just fine! Have been taking it slowpoke-slow this weekend so far (if you're wondering why I just made a pokemon reference it's because I just randomly saw a pokemon-picture on the internet so right now they are kind of stuck in my brain) aaaaaaand.... I think the week that comes will be kind of like that aswell. Are free the whole week that comes, feels rather nice. Should study, but will probably not do as much as I should. How is it with you?
  9. Hello~! How have you been lately?
  10. *bats eyelashes*

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