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Conversation Between SuXrys and Xangsong

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  1. I cant remember that episode. :S Guess I have to rewatch avatar some time. It will come a new avatar serie now but Im not sure when it will be out, do you perhaps know that?
  2. Yeah the one where Sokka drinks the juice from a cactus, and it makes him act goofy like he's on drugs. Lol
  3. Cactus juice episode???? o_O
  4. Lol Sokka looks hilarious in that pic. He is probably my fave in the series. Great comic relief. *cactus juice episode*
  5. hahah NoooOOooooooo! How can you?! Aang is the one who likes her, Zuko doesn't even care about them until the end... blaaug!
    But I would have liked to see Zuko together with that circus girl. But I don't remember what her name was at the moment..

  6. Hm sounds interesting. I am more of a Zutara though myself.
    Oh I just keep failing at trying to get my anime drawing style down is all.
  7. Well the word anime stands for a japanese cartoon so I am little skeptical that it can be called an anime - but it's defently a cartoon anyway! Have you heard by the way that they are realesing a new avatar show next year? In that one it's not about aang, but his "new life" after died as a air bender, so in this new one he is a water bender... and a female! I really look forward to it! Especially since aangs and kaaras son is going to be in that one, and is going to be the one who teaches the new avatar the air bending. Why do you have such low self esteem at the moment?
  8. Yeah Hellsing wouldnt be for you then lol. Avatar is maybe American Anime? :/ Hm no idea lol. No improvement, really. I think i am going to give up until my lack of self esteem blows over. In the mean time i am going to post some of my older stuff
  9. mweh ~ then maybe hellsing is nothing for me. I don't like that sorts of things so much :3 Avatar counts if you ask me, it's fun animeway.. or.. I don't know. Anime is japanese "cartoon" and avatar is american if I remember it correctly? hm.. It's something and it's funny atleast - I think we both can agree on that! How is the painting going? Any progress?
  10. Haha maybe My friends have mentioned Bleach before but they hadnt really told me much about it, so I dont really even know what its about. And Hellsing is amazing. Alucard is the best; I recommend the OVA though. But Hellsing is very... violent, so I guess you'd have to be into that sort of thing lol. Yeah I am new to anime though. The only series of anime i have finished all episodes is Trigun and Soul Eater. Well and Avatar if that counts lol
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