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Conversation Between SuXrys and ryoga-kun

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  1. Well... if you are going to learn just a few words in a language, then you need to prioritise the one's that you will use - and I think you have done that fairly good. You never answered what you are gonna do in South Korea and in Afghanistan.

    btw. it is spelled "nyheter" and "svensk damfotboll"
  2. haha thanks for the picture.
    Sweden... I had a few friends from there. The only Swedish I know is "Svenska damfotball." "neyheter" and "bajs"
  3. What are you going to do in South Korea and in Afghanistan? Have you ever been in Sweden btw?
    If you havn't figured it out I am from that wonderful ~ little place up in the northern Europe.

  4. Next stop is likely to be South Korea... but it's not a 100% at this point. And there's a possibility I could be in Afghanistan sometime next year as well. Like I said, I just never know!
  5. I don't know if I should say "you poor thing" or not but atleast you have seen the world alot and you have gotten many experiences. May I ask where you are going to be heading next?

    Your forum-name is really suitable for you, you know. But I guess that also was the point with choosing it.
  6. Sometimes one thing leads to another and yes, boom, you're in a different country.
    I even bought a desk top this time, trying to stay in one place and come December, I may actually be moving AGAIN.
    Looking back, I've rarely traveled for fun. Life just somehow took me there and I had a reason to be there.
  7. What do you mean with GIS? I don't know what that stands for.

    I think it sounds very strange that you do end up at all places that you do. Usually you do those things because you have decided for that in before hand but... I don't know. I just feel that a person don't just "whops! Look now I am here in another country! whopsie daysie ^_^" or something like that. Do you understand what I mean? I don't really know how to explain it. I mean, you must have planned for some of those events to happend - or atleast had a plan about them before you "did them" right? Or am I completely away from the track?

    Have you been traveling around the world much?

    Im 22 and studying to become a teacher.
  8. So.. do you have just as bad sense of direction as the character in for avatar? xD
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