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Conversation Between SuXrys and Sizary Momo

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  1. Sunsplash is a huge water park in pheonix.
    it get's really hot here so on summers we go
    there to cool's like disney land but in arizona.
    i stay in the teen side now.there are really huge slides
    and it's really wet.
    i almost drowned in the lazy river.
  2. "Sunsplash"?
  3. for the summer i just drew anime,
    watched bleach movies,and shows.
    it was an ok summer.I just wished i
    could go to Sunsplash.
  4. Come on, you must have done something?
    Well, mostly this summer have been spent on some non-funny stuff; like working. I am handing out newpaper during the summers so I have been working night alot this semester. Other then that I have tried to be with my family as much as I can, but it have been hard since they have been out in our summerhouse almost the entire summer: and I have been staying in the town due to the work. Next week the summer is up for me, then I have to get back to my university town again and start the studies again (urk).
  5. really boring.did pretty much about you?
  6. Hi! It has been some time now but I havn't been online this summer. But for the moment Im back
    How has your summer been?
  7. hi suxrys long time
    no see!
  8. i'm so proud of myself i found out how to
    put a picture for ur background on my
  9. uhh thanx for the video.kinda weird though.
    the song were a little boring.i'll try to find some other
    funny videos.
  10. Here is another funny video about ulq. mask! :

    btw. Have you heard Ulquiorras songs? There are songs that they made where the voice actors in Bleach sang some songs that were written for their characters [Bleach Beat Collection]. I love the songs that "Grimmjow" sings! spec. the song six feelings - I really like that one. Have you heard it?

    Here are Ulq. songs if you havn't heard them yet. You can find the english lyrics on the internet.
    Our world -
    Crush the world - (lyrics both in japanese and english in the info)
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