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Conversation Between SuXrys and Sizary Momo

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  1. No there is no problem! But I can't really understand why you didn't find them so good though, since I really love them! xD

    Hmm..... he really said that? Well I have no idea... guess im not that smart. :'(
  2. i was saying that i don't understand why everything forms into
    a huge triangle but my brother said that it was the eye of providence.
    (the eye on dollar bills).

    Sorry i told you that those songs were
    weird they sound so different to me.
  3. No, why are you saying that the songs are weird? D: Now you are making this one woman cry! *cries in a dark corner just to make a point*

    What is it that you dont understand about the video? The cars and helicopters that are flying around in the end? I belive that has to do with they that are showing that war should end, but Im not sure. I think I have to re-watch it again. o_O Was it that part that you were asking for, so I know that to look for?
  4. these songs are pretty weird.
    do you listen to 30 sec to mars.
    google 30 sec to mars ''this is war''.
    i don't understand the video.
  5. Yeah that's true. I like that song aswell, actually it's one of the few songs made by Kent that I really enjoy listen to. Mostly I don't prefer listening to Kent at all. lol. But one bad that I really would like to recommend to you is The Ark. They stopped played now but then have been active for years and years and they are... were (?) one of my favorites bands ever and ever. Maybe you could check them out? Tell me what you think about them! They sing in english also so you'll be able to understand the songs proberly aswell. Just some songs of them
  6. Well the game guitar hero has the song Vinternoll2 in it and
    lots of people like that song.well i wouldn't say lots.but i love
    that song so that's how people started listening to Kent.
    Do people in Sweden listen to Lady Gaga?
  7. Yeah almost, but I will take the liberty here and say that it's a big difference between and music from the 50s and 60s and the ones from the 80s and 90s. May I ask how it comes that you are listening to Kent? Are they that famous aborad or have I missed something?
  8. elvis is awesome!
    i like listening to the
    80's and 90's a lot so it's
    kinda like you're not alone.
  9. Well mostly I listen to the radio since it's so easy to listen to, you almost always have a radio whenever you are so it's so easy just to switch it on. So mostly I listen to whatever the radio channels are playin: I usually play pop channels during the day and "love" radio at the evening (love music makes me calm). But pop and such isnšt my favorite music. What I love to liten to the most is old classic rock music from the 50s and 60s. Like Elvis, Johnny Cash, Chubby Checker, Gene Vincent & the Bluecaps and so on. If you watch this video you get a hunch of what kind of music that I have as closest to my heart. It seems like I am alone on this forum to even listen to that kind of "old" music! hahah! I feel so alone and oldfashioned. ^_^

    Have that child molester been caught yet? Have you heard any news about it?
  10. i listen to the radio a lot.
    what type of music do you
    listen to?
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