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Conversation Between SuXrys and Sizary Momo

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  1. Hey, that song actually was kind of good!

    Im also watching a video right now.. but it's not a song though :'(
  2. ahh that picture of ulquiorra is so adorable!
    i'm doing good and i'm also loving these love songs.
  3. Double post! :o
    How are you doing?

  4. Those who says Ulq and Ori should be together are wrong! Just see the hate! xD

    After being hit, ne needs a hug :'( (Click on the link)
  5. No, I am very sorry but I don't speak spanish at all. Or I know some random words here and there, but that is also about it. If someone speaks spanish to me I don't understand anything. But thank you for the video anyway. ^^ -hugs-
  6. i'ma start watching some bleach i love it so much.I love anime shows that have fighting so that's the
    only show i'll watch.By the way do you speak spanish.i want to show you this music video i saw
    today.Iremember hearing this song as a kid.
  7. I agree with you as much as anyone can agree on something like that.

    hm... what about Axis Powers Hetalia, Gintama or Tegami Bachi Letter Bee? Oh I think you actually would like that last one, don't know why.. just a hunch.. Or do you prefer more serious shows? Because the ones I just mentioned are more to the 'himor' side. What kind of animes DO you like btw? Im not sure I know your taste. o_o
  8. bleach has gotten a little boring ever since the arrancar saga ended.
    but i don't really have anything else to watch.any anime suggestions?
  9. Maybe because I havnt seen Bleach in awhile? I do miss grimmjow I do, but I am trying to force away those 'sadness' feelings by attention more on other characters. For an example I am kind of into Kamui Yato at the moment. Agree with you. Sure Ichigo isn't that bad as a guy, but no matter what he does I still cant get rid of that gnawing feeling inside that it's his fault that mine (ours) favorite character (s) is gone... Honestly, I havn't really watched that much Bleach since Grimmjow went 'missing'. Grimmjow was the only reason I really started to watch the show in the first place. Started to watch around the episodes where he first showed up, stopped when he didn't made any appereances anymore. My reasong for wanting to watch new episodes of Bleach is currently away... not good... not good at all!
  10. gosh how can you be happy?
    i'm so sad cause i really miss ulquiorra.
    every time i watch bleach i think about him.
    i miss him!i can't watch any amvs with him in it
    cause i start to feel like a huge softy.and i miss him soo much.
    *tear rolls down cheek**grips hair trying not to cry*
    I hate ichigo.
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