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Conversation Between SuXrys and LoVeRbOy4321

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  1. No im not popular around here :3 I don't think so anyway.
    Really it was nothing, if you need more help just ask and I will try to answer those questions aswell.

    What have you been up to today?
  2. Seems you're right.. Hey by the way, thanks for helping me with our forum.. You seem quite popular.. hehe ^_^
    Also, thanks for teaching me in this page.. You've helped me really...
  3. I'll always do the best I can

    Yes it can be very hard for me at times, but sometimes it's easier so I guess its even in the end. But it's hard to answer your question since I think it's fairly ok now - but that is what I have always been thinking about the curent level I am studing on. Like I think that the school that I read in some years ago is dreadfully easy, but I didn't thought so back then but I'll do that now since I know so much more now then what I did back then. Do you understand what I mean?

    No, why should I think something like that? I'm used to accompany boys so... I guess we are the same, but at the same times eachothers opposites. lol. x)
  4. WOW! hahaha, I don't know what to say,, you really gave all the info... Well that's quite a school year for me... Is it hard for you?? :0
    And hey don't mention it... I've always been nice to girls.. But don't think something weird ok?? It's just that I'm used with accompanying girls that's all??
  5. You change the look at your page by clicking on "customize" it is an icon you should see to the right on this page, under the buttoms that says "thread tags/ mentions /quotes". The icon looks like a brush and you can see it just next to the box where others can write in if they want to write something on your page (just on top of this message)

    Do you understand how you should do?
  6. (continued message... sorry for that)
    When it comes to the school year you usually start it at the end of august. Our school year are divided into 2 semesters so the first one is between august until the end of december and then the next one begins in january and ends in the beginning of june. And between that we have holidays and all those things.

    Aaaaww thank you for calling me young ~ <3

  7. (continued message)
    And after that you can choose as I said before if you want to start the gymnasium or not, but almost everyone does since it's principle compulsory anyway (like you are hardy getting any job if you havn't). After these nine years you can go to the university if you want.

    Our school is free of charge in sweden, we don't pay for the "12 years" in school and the universitys and all that is free of charge aswell (the only thing you have to pay for when you end the gymnasium and want to continue to study is the books - but before that even those are free and provided by the schools), and we don't have any school uniforms either.
    How is the school system over at your place?
  8. Oh no but I don't know how to explain this in english but I'll try. You have 9 years in school that is compulsory and then you can choose if you want to go another three years in school - at the gymnasium (or upper secondary school).

    You start at pree-school and goes there between you are 1-5 years old. Then you start pree-school class when you are 6 years old and goes there for 1 year.
    Then you start primary school when you are around 6-7 years old and that one is in 3 parts: junior level, intermediate level and lastly upper level lower secondary school. You are in each "step" for 3 years and junior and intermediate use to be at the same school, so you usually gets to a new school by the time you're getting to the upper level lower secondary school.
  9. Tell me about it,, I wanna know?? Well about our school years.. We always start our school year during June end stops in December to celebrate our Christmas with our families.. But starting in January, we continue our school year and it ends in the 3rd week of March.. Means we have 2 months of vacation only.... Hard isn't it? How about your system, how is it like? Hey, 22 isn't old all... I tell you,, considering that age, you're still young for me..
  10. Well no.... since I am 22 I don't go in highschool anymore. We have a different system then the one you guys have, but Im sure I wouldn't still be going in highschool even if I lived at your place. What do you mean by "mine is starting on June 6th"? Are you going in school during the summer, or maybe you don't have summer vacation at all? I study at the university at the moment to become a teacher. School ends in about 2 weeks and then I'll take summer vacation!
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