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Conversation Between SuXrys and sonny goose

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  1. Hi! Saw that you are on my friend list but I havn't talked to you yet. How are you? I can see that you have been writing on your own page here so I don't know if you know it yet but just in case since you are relative new: if you want to answer a persons message just click on "view conversation" that is to the right of a persons message here and answer there. If you do your answer should get on that persons page instead of your own (and then that person can see that you have been writing to them - or else they can miss that). It should do the trick! Maybe you already knew but.. bweeeh! Just in case.

    Another thing that I saw is your avatar pic... you like Marvel. That's great, because so do I !! Have you seen this video?

  2. edit
  3. that... doesn't sound very nice at all :o
  4. I am i boy i have a dog and my uncle has pit bulls someone killed one of dogs
  5. "boy"? who have said anything about being a boy? *cough* oh well... I guess I have no choice but to forgive you anyway. =) So tell me something about yourself! You just became a member of this site, right? Have you done a introduction yet?
  6. Hi welcome to AF!
  7. hi boy
  8. Sup
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