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Conversation Between SuXrys and Todd

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  1. I would never have the energy to be able to twitter like you do. I have tried to blog sometimes, but it has always ended with me giving up. Some days you just forget to update the blog or you don't know exactly what to write, and then it just feels hopeless to continue the blog. I am more like "a blog reader" then one of the writers.

    I am one of the little people

    If you want to see what people are up to, isn't facebook enough?
  2. Because I have a lot of friends on Twitter and it's funny to see what other people put up.
  3. why so many?
  4. yes about 40 other people.
  5. Hahah yeah Im sure you think it's fun to "twitt" but I really don't think it's anything for my poor soul. Have tried to have a serious blog lots and lots of times, but I have failed on every attempt since I always seems to reach a certain point where I start to think "what should I be writing now" or "I don't feel like writing / don't have the energi for it / I am tired of doing that". So... :S Nah, I don't think I will get twitter a go. I much rather enjoy other peoples twitts in that case, rather then twitting myself. Are you following alot of people?

    ... besides Linkin Park
  6. Twitter doesn't actually have "homepage' unlike things like here and facebook. It's more of a page of the persons latest update or "tweets". The person can customize the page however they want. From the background, all the way to the color of the text. Similar to here. But it's actually a lot of fun and I recommend you get a Twitter! At first, I wasn't very sure about it myself, but then I got used to it and I tweet once or twice a day. And it's fun to see what other people are up to too. When you follow people(follow=friends. Kind of :P) you get updates from them, like Facebook's news feed. If your starting to get where I'm going with this. and if you join Twitter, there tutorials and help sections and FAQ's too. Because I'm not doing a very good job explaining it XD
  7. Alright, thank you! I have checked out your twitter page but honestly, I stil feel confused. lol. Don't you guys have like an "homepage" like in here, or is it just the tweets updates that you can watch? I wanted to find out more about you but the only thing I saw was that you are from the United States. But I'll guess that is always something. Are gonna try to go in to your page little now and then, if for nothing else but for my sake - I really want to learn how that page works! I really feel so old an so un-updated. haha! Technical stuff isn't my kind of tea. Talking about tea - where in UK are you from? England perhaps? I just made a quote about tea so karma must be telling me that you are from that place? right, right? or am I wrong?
  8. Do you have a twitter page that I can check out?
  9. Exactly!
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