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Conversation Between SuXrys and ChaoZ

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  1. You are completely destroying the image I have of the philippines...

  2. actualy...its not warm in her.. in d previos week weve got lots of rain here.....
  3. There seem to be alot of people from that place in here! So.... how is the life going on that warm island of yours?
  4. what ..... thats so far from here...... im in d philippines.....
  5. Im from Sweden. You?
  6. yeah....... make that your new yera resulotiuon....... to wake up every morn and do ur job... ^_^ .lol..... advance happy new year..... by the way where u from.......?
  7. You mean so I will become more alert during the morning?
  8. hi,,,, suXrys...... belated merry xmas... and advance happy new year.....

    dud you want 2 know what the secret?
    before you jog in the morning strt push up 100 or maybe for you just strt at 50.. until you get use 2 it... some stretch can
  9. Omg... are you one of those people who are jogging during the mornings? xD May I ask how on earth you do the energy to do that? I would be able to go out and jogging somewhere before lunch, maybe around 10 or so, but I would NEVER be able to go out and run that early. Honestly, my brain and body needs around 1-2 hours just to start function properly. xD Walks around like a zombie during the first hours in school. Haha! You morning people really amazes me.
  10. heheeeehe... i dont have 2 set my alarm clock...(sorry 4 u ^^)
    i wake up every 4:00 in d morng 2 take a long jogging.....(5 km if u want 2 know)
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