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Conversation Between SuXrys and battousai_ryuu

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  1. You get back in here!
  2. Im sure I won't fall into a volcano! But anyway, thank you for the concern. ~ ;D
    One of the things that I look most forward to when it comes to the trip is that we are going to visit the Palace of Knossos (f you know the myth about the Minotaur in the Labyrinth then you have heard of it). <---- neat
  3. Strawberries are awesome! ^_^;

    Going to Crete?!~?~? Don't get caught in a volcano and turned into stone!
  4. Me gusta strawberries.

    Studying, relaxing.. OH! And I am going to Crete for one week!
  5. Luck you. Miss Strawberry =P

    Plans for this summer, Ummmm I have to work alil bit. There are a few road trips I'd like to go on and there are some camping trips to do. A lot of graduation parties to attend. It's looking like it will be a busy summer @[email protected]
    How about you?
  6. Some things here and there. But oh well, someday it will be my turn to be done aswell. ~ ;-)
    And no... they didn't. ;-; But oh well, I had my strawberries to have as comfort-food, lol.

    What will you do this summer?
  7. The waiting line for a passport is always miserable. I remember mine being well over an hour long. Atleast I filled out all the paperwork ahead of time so my passport went quickly.
    Those lil bastards said nothing about your beautiful hair?!~?~ They will be punished!
    What do you have leftover to do in order to be done with school?
  8. Some years ago you had to go to the post office to get it, but now it has changed to the police station. Not sure what I think about it, the only thing I know now is that the waiting line was horrible - and that young kids commented to their parents that I had soooo many strawberries. ~ (had bought it little earlier since one was standing on the square and sold them). Fruit/berry-sallad!! =D

    Yeah I'm "graduating" soon, but I will still have some leftovers to do that I have to do now during the summer/fall. Mweeeh. >__>
  9. You got the hint? I thought it was being subtle ^_~
    You get your passports at the police station? We get ours at the post office. So far I've only had to use mine once D< I need to change that ^_^; but where should I got *ponders*
    TO SWEDEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I'm sure your photo can't be that bad. I mean you do have that legendary golden hair.
    Oh, you should be graduating soon =O if memory serves me right.
  10. I got the hint with the "talking" ;-) Yeeeeuuup Im fine. Or, normal fine I guess? O___o Anyway I was downtown to the police station earlier because I needed to renew my passport. The good thing is that I didn't get lost on my way there (had never been there before in this town), but the sad news is that my new passport will look beyond terrible. I saw the picture for some seconds or so and it's kind of amazing how embarressed you can feel during such small amount of time, haha! Hopefully, I won't have to show it for too many people. ~
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