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Conversation Between SuXrys and tesaamari

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  1. And you didn't invite me? How rude..
  2. my crush and i went out together to eat lunch as usual
  3. So how did the valentines go for you?
  4. it's not really a big deal for me, i always wanted to do that... but here, people think that a girl is pathetic and desperate when she gives things to a guy she likes... as if she is the one courting the guy hahaha...
  5. We have kind of the same here. It's the guy that is "supposed" to give us those things, I still remember how surprised I became the first time I saw them showing something else in animes (the girl bringing those things to the guy). But here it's not shame if I girl would give it to a guy, absolutely not! [why is it so over at your place?] It's just more that in the traditions it's the guy that are 'supposed' to do that, but if I girl wants to do that it's fine also. ... Even if she may sit afterwards growling and wonder why the guy didn't gave her anything. Hahah! ;D Not sure you'll understand what Im trying to explain. Im thinking about posting something to my fiance now over valentines, Im thinking about a card and some chocolates aswell.
  6. well, we have different traditions here in the philippines.
    on valentine's day, girls do not make/buy chocolates for their crushes or loved ones.
    boys do it instead.
    for girls like me, it's a shame to be giving a man even a piece of sweets and an honor to receive one.
    boys make surprises and a lot of sweet deeds for the one he likes.
    if you're a girl, you should not worry on how you could make your crush smile with a piece of chocolate.
    you should be excited on what you might get on valentine's day rather
  7. No, nothing planned yet. What about you?
  8. that's quite an intelligent move hahaha
    are you planning something for valentine's day?
  9. I avoided it quite well, I just stayed in my room and let the others handle it xD Mohahah!!
  10. oh well well, other people are really narrow-minded. you just have to understand them to avoid conflict...
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