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Conversation Between SuXrys and aether

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  1. Best to just wait and see what happens.
    Also on another note a friend of mine bought himself a maid outfit and a school one piece swimsuit apparently O.O
  2. Im sure it will be easier when this whole thing blows over. If they got that bill recently then I can understand that they can be a little upset for some time, but I think it will cool off later. It was almost like that for me and my guy at some ocations (spelling le horrible), he got really high phone bills and since his parents they payed for them they got a little upset at him, but it's all forgotten now. ... Atleast I think so, I havn't heard anything more about it.
  3. Yeah we managed to get back in touch with each other but we just can't talk as much these days
  4. Ah... Im sorry to hear that. But I hope that you still have contact with her?
  5. It's more on the lines of they just don't seem to like me truth be told
  6. But is it because they want to cut down on the phonebill -this- month or is it like forever and ever?
  7. For running up such a high phone bill I think so
  8. What?? Why?
  9. My girlfriend's parents have forbidden her from talking to me
  10. It's okey. Have something happened that you want to talk about?
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