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Conversation Between SuXrys and aether

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  1. Well I don't want to end up wasting his money by not picking up the package that he might send.
  2. But doesn't the fact that you'll keep an eye on the mail show that you belive that he actually will do it?
  3. Problem is sometimes this guy can be all talk but no bite so the likelyhood of him going through with this is pretty slim to be honest. Just gotta keep a check on the mail I suppose
  4. What's going on? He will send it to you and you'll wear it, and you'll like it.
    And you will post a picture in here afterwards!
  5. Hmmmmm it depends on whats going on
  6. Lies, I know you will put on that maid outfit ;D
  7. Nope it's a monetary bet if I do it or not, but he has to send it me to start with before anything can happen
  8. HAHAHA!!! So you lost the bet or are you two going on a masquerade?
  9. Well actually he is still waiting for the maid outfit which he plans to try and get me to wear O.O
    He's a mad eccentric like that its all part of a big bet dare thingybob
  10. He did? Lol, why on eath did he buy himself that? :P
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