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Conversation Between SuXrys and aether

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  1. At home within my room and now the curtain rail in the other room has suddenly just fallen down, Its like everything is falling apart.

    Well it's what you are comfortable with at the end of the day. If you don't want to settle down and have kids yet then that's entirely up to you because it is your life and you can do whatever you want and nobody can force you to do otherwise However for me I am engaged to my girlfriend and I'm only 21. Some may sound that's silly but we both love each other that we see no need to put off that part any longer than it needs to after all we have been going out now for a couple of years now (possibly longer my memory is terrible like that). But the wedding and all that will wait till we both finish our uni studies and have enough money to start living in our own place together.
  2. Some days ago I got invited for a friends wedding next summer and this weekend I was at a wedding where two cousins to my guy got married with their partners. I have always thought that the male-cousin have been like 2-3 years older then me but when the priest talked he said that the cousin was born in 91. 91! And he just got married! I just don't get it how people around my age, and under it...., are just getting "grown up" so fast while I feel like panicing and wanting to turn back the clock. Is it really that weird?
  3. One of the posters in your room? Where are you exactly?

    Well, time moves on, wheater we likes it or not. For instance a lot, .... a lot, of my old classmates and people-who-went-in-the-other-class and people around my age around me have been getting married, buying houses, getting children / pregnant, travelling around the world and you know... just doing a lot of stuff. And.. I don't really get it, I mean I can get with the travelling part but the marriage and kid part... I can't really cope with just yet. I know that it has been x years since we graduated from high school and that we arn't "that" young anymore but all of those adult-things, Im just not ready for it yet. I can't understand how people can even plan for things like that yet.
  4. Life for me is about the same really, just starting to dread making a start upon my dissertation but I should really do something now as some deadlines will be coming soon in next couple of months but I really don't want to start as I am enjoying taking a break from having to write stuff up for uni and having to meet constant deadlines. Sometimes I wonder to myself how I got myself so far when I do nothing but procrastinate for most the time. Somehow though I manage it and I move on so I guess something is working for me.
    As I was writing this post one of the posters in my room suddenly developed a small tear in it which is really bothering me as I have no idea as to how that managed to happen it's not even windy in here and the location of it wouldn't even see heavy hand usage O.O
  5. Fairly okay I guess. I'm having a test on friday so I have just booked a room in a hostel since ther arn't any buses that I can take on friday to get there in time. So I will have to take the bus up there on thursday and then sleep there until friday when I will take the test. I tried to call them before since I needed to ask them a couple of questions but the line was busy. Will try again tomorrow. At-the-current-moment-right-now it isn't happening much.. Have been studying a bit before but are taking a little break right now and are scrolling threw 9gag. And then came in here because I just thought that it was a while since I was here. And my friend who are studying to become a hairdresser wants to cut my hair off, Im thinking about letting her. I will look so manly, Haha! (note the -thinking- part, arn't 100% sure yet). How is life with you?
  6. How goes life?
  7. Greetings back to you.
  8. Greetings there
  9. Indeed so, so yeah thats the plan anyway
  10. True true.
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