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Conversation Between SuXrys and aether

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  1. Last time I was at the hair dresser salong the woman who then cut me said (I asked her what she thought about my thoughts about cutting it short short) "if you feel good in a pony tail then most of the times you feel good with short hair" (something like that, tried to translate it). So, I don't know. Since I don't think I look bad with pony tail I shouldn't look too bad with short hair but it's still something that I havn't had the guts to do yet. Big step to take. Long time to get it back. Urgh.
  2. Well, it still makes me feel snazzy~ so:


    Well Im asking since my friend who are studying to become a hairdresser has an assigment where she will do a make-over on a person, and she asked me if I am intersted since I have mentioned that I have been thinking about cutting it off. I am not sure yet thought, I am really tired of my hair and are walking around in a pony tail all the time anyway so I was thinking about cutting it. But I am afraid that it would look dumb, or that I would regret it. I googled yesterday that it would take around 2 years for me to get long hair again so... it isn't the easiest decision in the world exactly!
  3. Speaking French just makes non French people sound stuck up and snobby if done wrong which really annoys me.

    Well she did have long hair and did get it cut quite short but to be honest although I do prefer her hair to be longer I don't mind if she has it cut because at the end of the day she is the one who has to wash it etc so I won't go crazy or anything for getting it cut. She knows I like it long and she doesn't get it cut too much.
  4. What has french to do with it? I don't speak french. I say say "mon due" such, but I am not even sure I am saying it correctly. ;D Oh well. "Speaking" french is funny somtimes, you just feel so... snazzy.

    Speaking of other things; do your girl have long or short hair? Would you mind, at all, if she would cut it? Like getting -boy-short hair?
  5. Lol hahahah that image is so true but I guess people just manage to do so without too much of a problem, so long as you are fiscal with your income you should be fine. After all I plan on only getting the necessities until either 1) I saved enough money and 2) when living together with my girlfriend and combine our savings together.

    That's very true but the fact that I had to do everything to keep the relationship going and stuff.....sigh oh well they're out of my life now but....any who that's enough of that I think.

    Indeed so we are both lucky to have found each other and I will always love her till the day I die and when I do die I shall find out where to go from there whether there is an afterlife or not.

    Lol probably yeah but unfortunately I can only speak small amounts of French
  6. How can you be sure that they took advantage of you? It doesn't have to be that way. They did fall in love with you in the beginning after all, maybe their feelings just cooled down after a while, and they didn't handled it good at all, and you see it as advantage of you since you have been bullied in the past? I am not saying that you are wrong, since I have no clue what happened, but I just think it's easy to think less of yourself if you once have been bullied when in fact you are worth more and are more appreciated then you may understand or see yourself.

    People are bad sometimes, but you are still a good person. I am glad for your sake that you have found someone that you feel happy with.
    You are not lucky to have her, she must think the same thing but about you, so you are both lucky to have eachother. ^^

    / On the side note, this post would have been so much easier to write for me if you understood swedish. xD
  7. I just found this while scrolling threw 9gag, kind of fit to the talk we are having right now

    Haha! I don't know about the "cool" part. :P I remember how angry my mom was back then. She thought that we where stupid, said to everyone that "They are anyway not serious" with a laughing fac (not evil laughing face, just laughing like "Oh, I don't want anyone to think that I am a bad mom, so I will show the world that I am taking this like a breeze". That made me angry thought, because I didn't like that she told her friends that we were just young and un-serious. Well, we "kind of" where but heh, that's another story.
  8. Ahhhh that's soooooo cool
    My school days were terrible due to the fact for 9 of those years I was bullied a lot and so I had no friends. The first 2 people I dated really took advantage of me well the 2nd one its that bad that if looks could kill I would be dead....

    But my current girlfriend really understands me and everything, I've always thought to myself that I was really lucky to have met her, she has helped me through so many things. But yeah as soon as we can afford to we will get married as simple as.
  9. That's not silly. I have been engaged to my guy since...well I can't get the ring of the finger anymore without soap and water ( xD ) but I think since 2006 or so, since I started high school in 2005 (it must be since I graduated in 2008) and we got engaged the first year, I think. [I think we can agree right here and now that my memory must be as bad as yours]. Well, it wasn't so serious back then with the engagemt-thing, more like he asked and I couldn't say no because I was afraid he would feel bad, but we are still together so... hopefully one day we will "tie the knot", but not yet! I am only 24, even if all the people around me seems to have wedding and kids- cravings, I don't have that yet. I have been telling him that, for the fun of it, that we maybe should get wed at our 10th anaversery (I atleast tried to spell that right), in 2 years, so we have to see. :-)
  10. Wait, I think I missunderstood your post. Oh nevermind.

    edit; I meant your earlier post.
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