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Conversation Between SuXrys and aether

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  1. Its alright To be fair a lot of people on here do tend to be from the states so its an easy mistake to make. But if you need a way to identify a British person is by the way we spell words as we spell colour with the u and not like color (right now my computer is going mental by the way I just spelt that lol hahahahaha)

    But for here secondary school teachers (teach ages 11/12 - 16) we only need to know one subject since each teacher just teaches their own speciality subject unless another teacher is off due to illness and can't get a substitute in to cover for them.
  2. Oh right, the UK. I thought you lived in the US. Most native english speakers in here seems to live there so don't judge me too hard on this one~ I see, what subject are you going to have besides history? Religion? I am asking because here it's common that peopel that studies for becoming teachers in the higher graders, like highschool, learns normally 2 subjects. And the ones choosing for example history tends to choose religion as their second one, and the other way around. Well, not my sister who will take religion as her second (I think) have chosen english as her first one, but as I said, most that takes history takes religion and the ones taking religion as their first one often take history as their second one. I guess it's because it's easier finding a job with if you have those kind of subject-combinations together instead of for example... oh I don't know... I don't think I have ever meet someone who have taken history aaaaand... hm.. physics as their second so I'll say that.
  3. I mostly deal with either British history since that's what is mostly taught here in the UK and I also learn about the Romans, Greeks and Anglo-Saxons
  4. History teacher, got it.

    Question: do you read mostly american history or more general world history?
  5. I'm studying education studies combined with ancient history.
    It's something you need to do if you want to become a history teacher.
  6. What are you studying? Re-reming me of what you are reading and how long you have been doing that.
  7. Ahhhh fair enough but don't go doing anything you will regret

    Well working isn't working out since no one will hire me for some reason so studying is all I have at the moment and just relaxing
  8. It's bald. Well yeah I guess that's true. Still, we have to wait and see. But I probably will. Probably... ... :>

    By the way, I don't remember, are you studying/working or what are you doing during the days?
  9. Sorry about the delay just got a lot of conversations going on at the moment.

    But yeah you should do what you feel is right, my hair takes a very long time to grow as a guy plus i have a slightly receding hairline which kinda sucks but still it could be worse I could be entirely bold (or is it bald can never remember) but yeah I bet it gets incredibly annoying when it reaches very long lengths.
  10. Hahah perhaps my hair issues arn't the most interest subject for you to talk about xD
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