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Conversation Between SuXrys and aether

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  1. It's basically a form stating any criminal records you may or may not have, essentially you are saying you have allowed the police to check through your records to say that you are okay to work with children, vulnerable people or the elderly within a job placement like a school or nursing home.
  2. CRB form?
  3. But those tests are very simple to do, well for me anyway kinda takes me back to when I was in infant / Junior school days actually looking at them due to the way the questions are written.
  4. Well you need to have a CRB form over here to work with children or vulnerable people or the elderly to prove that you are not a wanted criminal or done terrible things. I'm sure you'll be fine with the English class

    Well English is my first language lol but all you really need to remember is that a is used before constanants and an is used before a vowel. It's pretty simple once you know how

    Your level of English is very good truth be told, you have a good grasp of the language but just remember that some words have several meanings or different ways to spell it such as for example.
    There - as in stand over there
    Their - that's their pie
    Which - which way is the casino
    Witch - the witch lives over there

    Those were some examples for you, but yeah you use good levels of English in fact better than some people who were born and raised here in the UK.
  5. I just found these links on the internet, they are supposed to be examples of tests that are in that grade.

    Now, oh master of the english language *kisses your hand* please teach me the difference between a and an.

    What do you think? Do you think I will somehow manage or do you think I will make a complete fool of myself?
    Mhweh, I am going to be honest with you, I am slightly worried. It came so soon, the principal just called, asked me, and I didn't had any time to think so I just said yes (but he knows that I am am not educated to have english). I worked there last year so I don't think they are too displeased with me but still... then I didn't have lessons in english... What have I agreed to?!

  6. Not quite. I mean I understand that they don't let anyone into the schools, but don't they atleast take in sub-teachers for when the ordinary teachers get sick/ill? Here you can get a job as a sub-teacher quite easily. It's not too uncommon that kids that have just graduated from high school, and yet havn't got a job / started an education, does that. You have to hand in a paper from the police that you arn't in their crime reqister and then you have to register that you are interested to work as a sub-teacher, and then they may call you when someone gets sick (of course you are higher up in the "call-list" if you are educated). I am not a english teacher but I got a call from the principal the day before yesterday and now I will take care of a class of 5th graders english lessons this fall... HA! Poor souls. Oh well, their english isn't that hard yet, so I think I will manage. I hope. höhöh.
  7. Can only study at the moment as schools will not let anyone into the classroom. Which for safety and security reasons you can understand.
  8. I see. Must be nice to start at 9 thought, with the time to plan before the lessons in the morning.
    Are you btw working somewhere a little now "to get in your "foot" in that place" or are you just studying?
  9. Not really as we have to teach 5 year groups with several classes in each one during the week. It's just the way things work here, start at 9am and lessons finish around 3pm
  10. But if every teacher only have one subject, doesn't you guys have awfully lot of hours during your work hours when you don't have lessons?
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