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Conversation Between SuXrys and Suzume

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  1. "nighty night, don't let the bed bugs bite" it's just an expression. a figure of speech, it means like: goodnight, sleep well.

    Oh well, merry christmas!!
  2. OK thx for that quote. I really understand what is it to have an uncommon name. There r no bed bugs in my place but I've suffered with them in my friend's place.
  3. Aha ok. Talk to you more tomorrow then. Nighty night! Don't let the bed bugs bite!
  4. Well, i have no idea what will happen to Grimmjow so forget it.
    Srry to leave so soon. i have to go to school tomorrow (last exam).
    Good night.
  5. What will happen to him? You really want to know? xD

    Oh hello there! Im just fine. Are clicking around in here and just writing in some threads here and there. Doesn't have anything better to do since so many of the students (well... almost ALL) in my corridor + my friends from the town has gone home now over the holidays so... sigh, im going home at friday but until then Im afraid I will die of boredom. No one to talk to... just alone.... in my room... *smashes head into desk out of frustration* It's boring to have nothing to do! Are you up to something more fun?
  6. Hi Grimmjow fan. How r u?
  7. What will happen to him?
  8. No, I like him. Don't you? You sounded so.. not upset, that isn't the right word, but little surprised when you asked me if I liked him or not. He is an awesome character if you ask me! I really, really, really hope he will come back.
  9. So u dont like Grimmjow?
  10. Who doesn't?
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