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Conversation Between SuXrys and Dryaxx

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  1. What was you supposed to start studying? Well im just fine, I just got home from one of my classes thought so Im little tired. And hungry. Have no idea why I always seem to be hungry when someone ask me how Im doing. x)
  2. Yo, how ish you lately :3?
  3. Well, I were supposed to start studying from this August, but I didn't have enough money to be able to survive if I did (which the city said I had, but like 1 week before I should start, they said I didn't D: )

    And aaw, well, if you don't have the papers, then it's basically not your fault > w <! So dun feel guilty :c

    (and ugh, my messages are always so short xD never know what to say :3)
  4. Arn't you working or studying? If you have nothing to do then why not joining a course or a class that you can read? There are always a bunch of different ones, even drawing ones, that you can join. Why not do something like that? Don't you think that that would be fun? Nah Im little annoyed at the moment right now. I have a little apartment problem myself since the last day to pay the rent was the day before yesterday and I havn't even gotten the bill yet. -_- Have emailed the company now for the paying information so I'll hope I will get it sometime over mail this afternoon. I want to pay as soon as possible or else I will just go around with this feeling of guilt stuck over my head if I don't.
  5. Lol x3. And nothing much :3. A little bored today o w o.. Kinda dunno what to do since I sit around at my apartment all day. If I just had skills at drawing I could make time pass by like that, but.. Stick figures aren't exactly that 'skillfull' xD

    What about you :3?
  6. No no no never ask me for forgives! I am the ones that often are the one replying way to late, so I can say forgive me in advance right now so Im over with it. xD Hahah! Oh no I could never imagine you to be a rule breaker! Something with having my little pony as your avatar just doesn't scream "rule breaker" to me xD So, whats up that? Don't you love rules so much that you want to snuggle them and marry them in a church? :S
  7. Aaw, being sick really sucks D: -hugs- .. And sorry for the late reply :3 kinda fell asleep early last night ><
    Also, never really lived at a campus x3.. Or well, if you count my 'boarding school' (efterskole) then 1 year xD, but that was when I were 15, strict rules and stupid stuff, though I broke all of the rules xD...
  8. Im doing fine. Have had a cold now for over a week now thought that doesn't want to go away completly. Are still coughing and all sometimes. But I'll guess it could be worse so in all im doing just fine. Are bored as hell thought since im just sitting in my room now on campus and it's dead quiet outside. Z_X You could think that it would be more sounds outside on a saturday and all. But no one seems to be wanting to do anyting this weekend. Everyone is either going home to their parents or just taking it slow and easy. jawn - im bored.
  9. Doing okay'ish, really sleepy lately though ><..

    How about you :3?
  10. No worries. :x How are you holding up?
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